Past Summit

IFSS 2016
Winnipeg, MB.


Teachings of Indigenous Food Sovereignty

The teachings of Indigenous food sovereignty were developed with the guidance of Elders; through participation in ceremony; and through observation and experience working with communities around food. These are the teachings- part of our knowledge systems and our way of life- that can be used to help guide us along a path towards Indigenous food sovereignty. Four Arrows Regional Health Authority Incorporated is pleased to share these teachings.

Spirit & Celebration- The spirit in food provides nourishment for our whole being. Food is sacred. Gathering for feasts is how we respect our relationships to each other and to the land that provided for us. Celebrations are our way to say thank you for what we have been offered.

Language- Language opens our spirits and our hearts. It connects us to our ancestors and to our territories and is in all of us, but we have to bring it out.

Women – Women have a special relationship with the land, with our medicines and plant knowledge, and with our waters. We must return to honouring our women and respect the role of women in food communities.

Youth – Youth play a vital role in Indigenous communities. Youth are our future and are also a connection to the past. Their gifts and energy must be respected for they are the start of change.

Elders – Elders are our wisdom keepers and carriers of Indigenous knowledge. Elders provide the knowledge base and value system for pursuing a path towards Indigenous food sovereignty.

Land – We must care for the land in the best way we can, for it is our gift, but it is also our responsibility. There is a need for us to work together on behalf of the land so that our children can experience clean air, water, soil, and food.